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Learn if Your Transmission Needs Repairs with Help from Hart Transmission and Mechanical

Watch for These Common Signs of Transmission Trouble

Your transmission is a complex machine, and we understand it can be hard to know when something is wrong. If you suspect trouble, look for these common indicators of transmission issues. Catch small problems early, before they turn into big problems! Since these are just basic guidelines, don’t hesitate to call us at 780-467-1424 with any other questions.

Is the fluid a dark colour?

Check your transmission dipstick for fluid colour. Good transmission fluid is a translucent red. If the fluid is cloudy, muddy or dark-coloured with a burnt smell, visit us as soon as possible. While checking for colour, also make sure the fluid is at recommended levels.

Does your vehicle make strange sounds or vibrations during acceleration or shifting?

Are their fluid leaks or stains under the car?

Does your vehicle hesitate or refuse to move, despite the engine running?

Is your check engine light, service transmission light or service transfer case light on?


Is your vehicle overheating?


Is it difficult to shift gears?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our technicians can help. Contact us as soon as you can.

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Don't let your transmission problems spiral out of control!

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